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The Theory of the Evolution of the Species

Darwinism The proposal made by Charles Darwin in the nineteenth century on the origin of the species is called. Darwin born in England, made a boat trip from England to South America, Australia and Africa that lasted 5 years at age 22, and after observing the variations of the species, for example, the finch of the finches, wrote a book entitled The Origin of Species. Later he elaborated other books in which he referred to the evolution of man.

Darwin criteria on the origin of species

Darwin creator of the theory of species evolution Darwin explained that the origin of the different species of living beings were transformations of other pre-existing species and added that his hypothesis would be corroborated until the fossils of these intermediate organisms were found. Charles Darwin was the first to interpret "evolution" as a process by which variations and natural selection determine the preexistence or disappearance of individuals. Darwin called Natural Selection the process of survival of organisms whose variability makes them more apt to live in a particular environment, and that through this process, populations are altered and at the same time fundamentally different organisms appear.

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