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Anahí´s Captain

Capitán de Yate (CY) is a Spanish title that authorizes the government of motor or motor pleasure boats and sail1 for navigation without any length limitation, engine power or distance to the coast. However, vessels that have a length greater than 24 meters will conform to the safety standards specifically established for them. The qualification and competitions date back to 1914 and the flag of nautical sports or recreational titles is from the 19th century. With the title of Captain of the Yacht you can choose to obtain the certificate of specialty of professional master of pleasure boats (BOE number 159 of 2/7/2009), by means of which you will have the following attributions: Government of vessels registered in the sixth or seventh list, provided they do not carry more than 12 people, including the crew, in the areas and conditions determined by the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine. Act as an instructor in the basic safety and navigation practices to obtain the master's degrees for basic navigation and pleasure boat patrons. Although the RD of qualifications limits the attributions of the title of Captain of Yacht to boats of up to 24 meters in length, later the Royal Decree of Megayachts removed this limit. Any ship of any type, regardless of its propulsion mode, whose hull length (Lh) is greater than 24 meters, with a gross tonnage of less than 3000 GT and capacity to transport up to 12 passengers without counting the crew, destined for recreational navigation, tourism, leisure, sports or non-professional fishing.

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