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Cool Galapagos Fish to Spot While Snorkeling

While there is an abundance of wildlife to see on the Galapagos Islands, there is a second, colorful world to discover just beneath the water. Here is a look at a small subset of the hundreds of different Galapagos Fish species to discover on these enchanting islands.

King Angelfish

The vibrant colors of King Angel fish.

These beautiful Galapagos fish shimmer from blue to brown based on the light, with bright yellow and peach fins and a long white spot behind the gill. They live in monogamous pairs and have been known to act as cleaner fish for sharks.

Hieroglyphic Hawkfish

Spectacular and rare Hieroglyphic Hawkfish.

This large olive Galapagos fish has beautiful orange spots ringed in bright blue, which makes it easy to spot. They are known for being very social toward divers and snorkelers and for being “camouflaged” in very obvious locations.

Yellowtail Surgeonfish

Yellow tail surgeon is one of Galapagos unique fish species.

This is one of the more dramatic and unusual-looking fish species. They are a medium gray with black speckles throughout and a vivid, neon yellow tail. They like to school along rocky reefs.

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